We are the largest EMS billing company in Maryland billing for over 60 services in 3 states. We bill for EMS services and ONLY EMS services!

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The largest EMS billing company in Maryland billing over 60 services in 3 states.

In April 1994, Caroline County Emergency Medical Services approached our Company and asked us to consider administering their county-wide ambulance billing program. Our extensive experience in medical insurance claim filing and medical recovery provided an excellent basis for ambulance billing.

The county program was an overwhelming success. The original revenue estimates met and exceeded every expectation providing the financial basis for the current BLS Enhancement Program. The funds have provided full-time paramedics and much needed financial aid to the eight fire companies in the county who all share in the revenue.

Soon afterward, Medical Claim-Aid began to bill for many other emergency medical providers all across Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Currently, we bill for over 60 EMS services, handling in excess of 45,000 claims annually for our clients.

We have helped many clients establish new billing programs where none existed before, having never previously billed for their services. For others, the transition was from "in-house" billing to utilizing the services of a professional billing company. For some, we took over their program from an existing company who formerly served as their billing agent.

In every case where Medical Claim-Aid assumed the new role as billing agent for an existing program, the revenue has increased significantly. Several companies have more than doubled their previous revenue, and one recently reported that within four months of beginning with Medical Claim-Aid they had received more than the entire previous year with their previous billing company. Finally, one of our clients stated that after reviewing their income report they realized that without a successful billing program their company would have been operating in a deficit.

Medical Claim-Aid’s medical filing and medical recovery experience has proven invaluable in
assisting the highest degree of reimbursement for our clients. Our satisfied clients, who
know that our dedication to their company has made their program successful, have
recommended us time and time again.

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