We are the largest EMS billing company in Maryland billing for over 60 services in 3 states.

Providing Excellence, Integrity and Professional Results.

The largest EMS billing company in Maryland billing over 60 services in 3 states.

Medical Claim-Aid is the largest EMS billing company in Maryland, with 90% of all new business coming from direct referrals. Our reputation is impeccable and matched only by the personal service offered to our large and small clients. With a hands-on-management approach and no salespeople to deal with, we are your best option in municipal and government EMS billing.

With today’s rising health care costs, smaller tax base and budgetary shortfalls as well as increased demand for services, it’s more important than ever to make the best use of your resources. This is exactly why Emergency Medical Services have entrusted Medical Claim-Aid to handle the management of their accounts receivable. From original billings to pre-collection activity, Medical Claim-Aid does it all.

Our experts in billing, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and private insurance are ready to assist your company with the complex and ever-changing requirements for full payment of your claims. It is our excellent reputation paired with our medical claims filing, medical recovery experience, high recovery rate and professional abilities that have proven invaluable in obtaining the highest degree of reimbursement for our clients.

Medical Claim-Aid’s medical filing and medical recovery experience has proven invaluable in assisting the highest degree of reimbursement for our companies. Our satisfied clients, who know that our dedication to their company has made their program successful, have recommended us time and time again.

We bill for EMS services and ONLY EMS services!

“Medical Claim-Aid’s service is exemplary. Their staff is knowledgeable, helpful and exceedingly efficient. Their reporting capability is excellent. Most importantly, their return rate on our claims has allowed us to maintain a positive cash flow for our company.”

Southern Garrett Rescue Squad
David C. Moon, President

“As a result of its partnership with Medical Claim Aid, the City of Salisbury has realized a substantial increase in its EMS revenue without the liabilities of maintaining an in-house billing process or system. Additionally, the benefit of having a professional billing vendor knowledgeable in the legal aspects of billing issues and who provides instant answers is priceless.” We are very pleased with the relationship that we have forged with Medical Claim-Aid and look forward to continuing this partnership for years into the future.”

David See
Chief City of Salisbury Fire Department
Salisbury, MD

“We have been using Medical Claim-Aid’s services for over ten years and have been more than satisfied with their expertise and professionalism. If your contract is awarded to Medical Claim-Aid, you will be well served by the ease of communication with the group, the personal touch given to your account and the overall, very positive support when issues arise regarding billing questions.”

Division Chief Steven J. Kesner
Allegany County Emergency Medical Services

Why Choose Medical Claim-Aid?

Largest EMS Billing Company in Maryland

Impeccable Reputation

Caring and Professional Staff

Prompt and Excellent Reports

Competitive Rates

"The City of Cumberland began partnership with Medical Claim-Aid in Nov-ember 2000. Throughout these years, they have proven to be very profess-ional and knowledgeable in the ambulance billing process and are dedicated to work to achieve maximum reimbursements for us. Their proficient staff can provide customized, detailed reports very quickly in addition to the weekly and monthly routine reporting. We are very satisfied with our wonderful working relationship and look forward to continued partnership in the future."

Julie A. Davis
Fire Administrative Officer
City Of Cumberland